The Skinny Jean Trend Applies To Comfortable Cotton Sweats

Skinny jeans were one of the biggest fashion trends in 2009, both for men and women. They may be trendy, but arguably, they're not the most comfortable, so the same style has now been applied to a more comfortable style.

Skinny SweatpantsSkinny Sweatpants

Lululemon made their name for comfortable, yet stylish gym wear that's street appropriate and now designer Ssense is attempting to do the same with the sweat pant; by using the skinny jean as a model. These tapered sweat pants are available in four colors, and while they might pass for a skinny jean; they're not a far-cry from an older, less trendy form of sweat pant. Recall the tapered variety with the elastic bottoms?

Ssense Tapered SweatpantsSsense Tapered Sweatpants

Via: TrendHunter

Nov 18, 2010
by Anonymous

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sososo cuuuueeel:0 i want them!!!!!!!!