You Can Now Skip The Pain With No-Drill Dental Work

Cavity DrillingCavity Drilling

How many times have you been in the dental chair, waiting for the Novocaine to kick in so your dentist can start drilling away? With Icon, you won't have to be in that stressful position again. Icon is a health innovation that will literally have you smiling. It is a new type of dental work that treats cavities and white spots with no drilling. That's right, no needles to numb the gums, no high-pitched whinning of the drill, no pressure and very little stress.

Icon No-Drill Dental WorkIcon No-Drill Dental Work

Now don't misread me. Icon cannot be used in cases of advanced decay, but with regular visits to the dentist and early detection of cavities, you now have the option of treating those cavities without drilling. This means no pain from numbing needles or pressure from drilling. 

Icon can be used to treat cavities between teeth or on the surface. It is a simple resin application that infiltrates the tooth, eliminating the cavity while supporting the existing structure of the tooth. In trials, it was used on kids and teenagers with great results--no pain and less anxiety. 

You can check out the Icon site for more information and where to find dentists who use the treatment.