Skoda FUNstar Concept Pickup Truck's A Worth See At Wörthersee

Skoda's fun-size FUNstar concept pickup truck is set to be the star attraction at Wörthersee 2015, this year's gathering of all things VW. Though there's only one FUNstar, the perky pick-em-up punches above its weight by showcasing Skoda's surprising styling chops. 

Held annually since 1981 in Reifnitz, Austria, the Wörthersee GTi-Treffen (“Wörthersee Meeting”) has grown to become Europe's largest Volkswagen and Audi auto show.

VW fans from all over Europe (plus a few from even further afield) take pride in prepping, driving and showing their rides while major manufacturers under the VW corporate umbrella seize the opportunity to roll out some of the wildest show cars EVAR.

Skoda, a Volkswagen AG subsidiary since 2000, has settled into being their parent's entry-level brand as as such, its products typically eschew excitement for dull practicality. The FunSTAR won't change Volks-folks impressions substantially but every little bit helps. The project also serves as a morale-booster of sorts for Skoda's young talent pool, 23 of whom lent their expertise to creating the FunSTAR.

Based on the Fabia (a supermini-class 5-door), the FunSTAR is certainly small, especially for a pickup. The design team radically altered the Fabia's body, welding shut and masking off the rear doors while turning the hatchback into a tailgate.

Unique green trim and lighting further set the FunSTAR apart from the crowd, an a set of 18-inch alloy wheels taken from the Skoda Octavia RS sport sedan's parts bin add visible grunt to offset the cute factor.

The FunSTAR's driver and single passenger will enjoy the sound stylings of their face musical combo courtesy of an eardrum-bursting 1,400-watt sound system.

The Volkswagen-sourced 1.2-liter 4-cylinder TSI engine's 120 horsepower will effectively be silenced, therefore, though the ponies will paw the pavement via a 7-speed dual-clutch paddle-shifted transmission. Score one for Skoda, a company not known for offering fun as an option... until now. (via Le Blog Auto and Digital Trends)