With Skulpt Aim You Never Need To Step On A Scale Again!

Using The Skulpt AimUsing The Skulpt Aim

The Skulpt Aim is the first portable, wireless device that measures your body fat and muscle quality. By simply pressing it against your skin, on any given muscle, you get an instant reading of that muscle's quality and the body fat percentage in that area. If you're goal is to get in shape, these are the numbers to be concerned with, not the numbers on your bathroom scale. A scale can only show how much you weigh. With the Skulpt Aim, you will know how that weight is distributed and the quality of those things that are responsible for all of your physical activity--your muscles.

Here's why that's important. What if I told you Jane is 5'7" and weighs 160 pounds? You and most standard measures (like BMI) would say she's overweight. But what if the Skulpt Aim shows that Jane's average body fat percentage, measuring different areas of her body, is 13%, and her overall muscle quality score is 128. Now, you can picture Jane as the fit, strong, muscular person she is. 

The Skulpt Aim allows you to see just how strong or weak you are in your fitness. It gives you an accurate reading of body fat wherever you place it on your body. It also evaluates how electrical current flows through your muscles to give you a "muscle quality" reading. Aim measures muscle quality in terms of strength--the muscle's ability to generate force--and definition--the amount of body fat around the muscle. 

Muscle QualityMuscle Quality

With Aim, you can measure each muscle individually, so that you can see where your body needs work. Aim syncs all of your measurements with your online dashboard so that you can track your progress. The dashboard also allows you to set goals, share your progress with friends, and it gives you exercise recommendations. For example, if you find out that your biceps and chest have relatively low fat percentages and good muscle quality, but you have chicken legs, the Aim will recommend squats and other leg strengthening exercises. 

The Skulpt Aim will be available in May 2014. With a special pre-order price of $149, the simple and portable Skulpt Aim is an affordable way to get an accurate picture of your body composition and set appropriate fitness goals, so that you can get off the scale and look at the numbers that really matter. 

 Source: Skulpt.me