SkyKap Combines Golf and GPS

I'm really beginning to hate GPS. Sure, it's one of the most useful technologies of the past 100 years. But it's getting watered down to the point that every cheap, piece of crap sports equipment manufacter is integrating it into every type of gear on the shelf. It's become the ultimate cheap gimmick for hawking hardware.

Take this SkyKap Advisor as the latest hunk of crap GPS invention. Now you probably already have a hat for golfing. In fact, you probably have a couple, maybe even a whole hat rack worth. So you likely wouldn't buy just any old new golf hat. But, throw some GPS into a hat and now you have a must-have golf gadget for wealthy, tech-minded golf fanatics.

The hat integrates a GPS chip and a voice-activated processor into the brim, so that you can give it commands without touching a button. Basically a rangefinder in a cap, the Advisor can give you distances to the greens,water, boundaries, etc.

Now how does it magically know these distances? Well, you supply them when you hook the USB to your computer and download full course information. In the case the course isn't there, do a dry run-through in person and the hat will record the distances to the greens, so that you can share with others. You'll be a small-time golf hero (to anyone else that has this hat at least). 

Now I'm not really a golfer, so maybe this is a keen, ingenious invention, but I'm really getting sick of seeing GPS in hats, gloves, sport-specific computers, eyewear--enough already! 

The SkyKap Advisor will run you $300. 


Via: Coolest Gadgets 


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Dec 31, 2010
by Anonymous

Ingenious invention.....

The cost seems high for ordnary golfers and I didn’t see any body using this hat. Professional golfer doesn’t need this. There are great iPhone apps which are much much cheaper than this hat. There is a bluetooth device added on iPhone app, which does same thing what this hat does, plus many many more features. I don’t think people would like to carry heavy device while playing.