Slack Amphibious Lounger - Comfy Beanbag Chairs that Float

The Slack Amphibious Lounger has taken that classic beanbag chair and kicked it up a notch.  It floats!  What could be cooler than lounging on a super comfortable beanbag chair in your private pool or out on the lake?   Or why not bring it along on the boat or keep in on the deck or balcony?   

Amphibious LoungerAmphibious Lounger

The Lounger, from Slack Beanbags, has gone through numerous changes and prototypes before it was perfected into an award-winning product.  The fabric is made out of a special material that is porous, allowing water to mix with the beans so it floats.

Amphibious LoungerAmphibious Lounger

The Lounger is available in three vibrant colors, AmphiBlue, AmphiYellow and AmphiRed.  The product is for outdoor use only.  Pricing and availability information is not yet available.  Visit the website for further information.

Source and Photos:  Slack Designer Beanbags