Slant Shack Jerky: DIY...Beef Jerky?

Well, you're able to order just about anything online and customize it and businesses are coming up with just about any DIY structure to jump on the bandwagon and offer people the chance to create things without going through the labor! Now, there's a new business that I bet you never would have searched for online, because it's a whole new concept!

Slant Shack JerkySlant Shack Jerky

Slant Shack Jerky offers DIY beef jerky. Not a search engine query you imagined, huh? Well, it's all out there so take advantage of the chance to create your own beef without the mess in your kitchen. Options include USDA choice beef or organic grass-fed beef, a choice of marinade (original or hot and smoky), a rub, and a glaze. OF course, you can't just customize one stick of beef jerky so be prepared to order at least a quarter pound!