Sled Zeppelins: Eight Elf'n Cool Futuristic Santa Sleigh Concepts

Sure, reindeer may rock but in today's overpopulated world, Santa Claus needs more horsepower. Any one of these souped-up, Santa-stic concept gift-delivering machines will get the Bearded One from pole to pole and back again in the St Nick of time.

Though we can thank Car magazine for kicking off the whole Designer Santa Sled thing back in 2009, give designers both amateur an pro credit for continuing these vehicular variations on the Santa's Sleigh theme.

Ford Evos Concept Sleigh

The Ford EcoBoost-powered Evos Concept sleigh above allows Santa to give the reindeer a well-deserved night off while reducing his carbon footprint in the process.

Speaking of which, did you know Santa's traditional eight-plus-one reindeer team creates a staggering 214,670 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions each year? Geez Claus, what are you feeding them? (super cool Santa sleigh image via Car Body Design)

GE's Icephobic Coated Sleigh

General Electric's scientists and engineers decided to celebrate the holidays this year by imagineering a new and improved sleigh for old Saint Nick.

GE's slick sled design concept features unique “ice-phobic” coatings that repel water, ice and snow so the sleigh can fly (and land) friction-free. (super cool Santa sleigh image via General Electric Company)

Santa's Little Helper by Jaguar

25-year-old Jaguar exterior designer Thomas Smith channeled a little WW2 air force imagery when designing "Santa's Little Helper", a retro-futuristic take on Colonel Claus's big red machine.

No word if Smith's spiffy twin-pusher-propeller concept features bomb bay doors to facilitate gift delivery though it would be awesome if it did. Well, maybe not for fragile gifts but still! (super cool Santa sleigh image via Motor Authority

Land Rover's Particle Accelerator Sleigh

Land Rover and Jaguar may rub shoulders at the corporate level but their two sled concepts couldn't be more different... kinda like their cars, if truth be told.

LR's concept toy-joy-wagon focuses on all-terrain capability (no surprise there) but also packs a particle accelerator in place of those gassy reindeer. Optional features include laser guided present delivery and CRS – chimney recognition software – as if Santa can't recognize a chimney after all this time. (super cool Santa sleigh image via Left Lane News 

Bentley: That's Just How Santa Rolls

Since most any one of Rolls-Royce's bespoke conveyances might be a tad too ostentatious for a man of the people like Santa Claus, maybe a Bentley sleigh will keep those nice Occupy protesters from acting all naughty-like.

Traditionally more sporting than its staid and stuffy high-Roller relatives, the Bentley brand is definitely more suitable for shuttling the red-suited gent on his appointed rounds each Xmas Eve. (super cool Santa sleigh image via Fiaz Science 

Santa's Sleigh 2.0

SolidWorks software and the mad visualization skills of a certain Jan-Willem have combined to bring the world a very special Santa sleigh that's as cool as the North Pole itself.

Since giving is better than receiving, especially at this time of the year, Jan-Willem is graciously offering the SolidWorks files of Santa's futuristic sleigh FREE for any who choose to download them. (super cool Santa sleigh image via Boxer's CAD CAM Blog

Black Christmas

Bernie Walsh thought an updated Santa Sleigh should still embody a heapin' helpin' of holiday tradition so his super sled concept features a hot & coal-running engine.

That's right, good old coal – it might not be the greenest fuel (think darker, with more sulfur) but it burns slow and steady on even the frostiest nights. Besides, any naughty kids who swipe Santa's milk and cookies can bet on finding a lump of anthracite in their stocking Christmas morning. (super cool Santa sleigh image via Racing News and Updates)

Season's Greetings and Levitations!

He's making a minimal-list and checking it twice! Kudos to Cookie Contest competitor Mostafa Akbari for not going the over-the-top route when designing a futuristic new sleigh for Santa. Akbari's essentially timeless design is redolent with traditional styling cues such as brushed stainless steel scrolling and a generously sized interior – hey, all those toys have got to go somewhere!

The pièce de résistance is, of course, the pair of anti-gravity pods mounted on either side of the sled linked by an ethereal blue skein of Cherenkov radiation. Let's just hope that's a REAL lead sled for Santa's sake. (super cool Santa sleigh image via Mostafa Akbari)