Sleek As Steel Even In Color: OneLessDesk™

OneLessDesk™ is the desk-alternative design for those who live in a paperless world.

If you are keeping your technology up to speed, you probably live in a paperless world. If so, you don't need a big bulky desk any more. Alas, the sleek, sliding, all steel OneLessDesk has all you need with today's technology -- a computer/monitor stand and a keyboard stand. Desktop, laptop, mobile device... doesn't matter; One Less Desk can accommodate it, and look as innocuous as you would like when you are finished using it.



A clever tab design on the rear of the montor stand lets you wrap up any sagging wires around the tabs, so the wires don't become eyesores and/or accidents!



OneLessDesk has a few other things going for it besides design. It is sturdily constructed with the capacity to hold the weight of two 24-inch flat-panel displays and, in addition, enough room (33.5 x 12 inches) for your speakers and mobile devices.

Each OneLessDesk is handmade by expert steel craftsmen at the company's Phoenix, AZ factory. Orders are made straight to the company and delivered directly to you... thus, no middleman. OneLessDesks are available in silver, black, white red, and the extra special Special Edition, made of a more expensive grade of stainless steel and hand-finished.


And a OneLessDeskPad is available for your mouse and keyboard.



For further information on the OneLessDesk, visit Heckler Design.


Jan 3, 2009
by Anonymous

short brilliance

I think this must be a greatest idea ever dude.