My Dog's A 50, What's Yours? The Sleep Number Pet Bed

I stopped going to the chiropractor and acupuncturist and my dog threw away his crutches! (Yes, of course, I'm kidding, but only about the crutches.)

I was pleased to see that Select Comfort had come out with a pet version of its very popular Sleep Number bed. I adore my Sleep Number bed and think the more humans and animals who sleep on one, the better the world would be. And no, Select Comfort is not paying me... but my dog sleeps better and wakes up ready to run, without stiffness in his 12-year old legs, since he's been sleeping on my Sleep Number Bed with me. Don't laugh; I kid you not.

Okay, at least you know where I'm coming from. The Sleep Number Pet Bed, like the Sleep Number human bed, is a very high quality air mattress; I went to see it in the Select Comfort store yesterday. This is not the air mattress your dog will scratch through. Unfortunately, there is no guide as to how full to make the bed, and your dog probably won't tell you. But, the bed should be firm enough that he doesn't wobble around on it, and you can adjust it if you want to test different settings. The pump and hose, by the way, are detachable, so you can put them in a safe place unless you need to change the air setting.

The microsuede cover is removable and washable. Beneath the cover, just as on the human Select Comfort bed, is a layer of special foam that protects the mattress and gives the bed a really cushy feeling, even though you may have the mattress set to very firm. The foam can be spot cleaned and air dried.

If your pup is less than 100 pounds and can fully stretch out on a 36" x 27" bed, I would recommend seriously considering the Sleep Number Pet Bed for a dog or cat, especially if the pet is older or has specific infirmities. The bed is well made and price-wise is comparable to other "therapy" beds.

Hopefully, Select Comfort will offer more sizes of the in the future, because larger dogs, who tend to get hip dysplasia, could certainly benefit from this bed.

I'll hold back my real enthusiasm for Select Comfort until the company decides to pay me for my endorsement!


Keeping you posted!


Feb 25, 2009
by Anonymous

Sleep Number Pet Bed For CATS Is Sooo Unnecessary!

With senior cats sleeping perhaps 20+ hours a day--anywhere--there's hardly a need for a "Sleep Number" bed. I have yet to meet a senior cat (or younger cat, for that matter) who fails to get enough "quality" and quantity sleep.

Feb 25, 2009
by Anonymous

I think that's why it's for dogs... maybe?

I'm guessing that's why this article is about the dog sleep number bed. . . dogs in their later years could use something like this if they have a lot of aches and pains.

Go Sleep Number!

Feb 25, 2009
by Anonymous

It is "for dogs or cats"

It is stated in the article that it is for dogs or cats. (The title states dogs, but cats are mentioned in the article.)

Feb 26, 2009
by Lady Bee
Lady Bee's picture


I agree, it's really for dogs. For some reason, every manufacturer of anything for a cat or dog states that its product is for "pets." Generally, this is not true, but I feel compelled to mention "cats," in this case, because the manufacturer mentions cats. However, I agree that the Sleep Number Pet Bed is primarily for dogs. I appreciate your comments; they make me feel better about my writing dilemma. I'll just be straightforward from now own and forget what the manufacturer writes.



Mar 12, 2009
by Anonymous


How do you know what level your pet is? Because they can not adjust it themselves. But yes it is a good product for dogs. Cats maybe because they are so light they are like a cloud on it.