Sleep Peacefully With These Intruder Deterrents

As of this moment, I am apartment hunting. No easy task, to be sure. And a single female all by her lonesome has to be extra careful of all things potentially shady, as well. I've had my fair share of peeping toms and freaky neighbors, so when I see a good idea in the way of self-protection, I'm all over it.

One such idea is this self-defense nightstand, designed by James McAdam. Now, this is a man after my own heart. With this handy dandy nightstand-come-shield-and-baton set nearby, a peaceful night's sleep is most definitely assured. The "Safe Bedside Table" has a leg that acts as a club, and a top that can act as a shield in the unlikely event of a midnight intrusion. Made of cherry wood and steel, this will surely allow one the peace of mind that a set of Ginsu knives nestled under a pillow might afford. A gruesome image, I know, but thus is the reality of urban living, especially for all of us single females out there. The old Girl Scout motto, "Be prepared" surely applies here (is that really from the girls, or did the boys get that one?).

don't mess...don't mess...


That is, of course, if said intruder is tenacious enough to get through the door.


Designer Oleve Morev has crafted a fine labyrinth of a chain lock, guarding your abode against any unauthorized entry. I guess your run-of-the-mill intruder might not enter through the front door, but after you've beaten him senseless with your nightstand, he might have a hard time escaping in a timely fashion with this one. The Defendius door chain will have him begging for mercy while you leisurely summon the authorities, in full control of the situation. You go, girl.



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Defendius door chain found at CribCandy , more info here

Apr 2, 2008
by Anonymous

Fire hazard

What an ingenious idea, a chain and lock with a mini puzzle to complete. I can just see it now. My wife wakes up to find the house on fire only to have to complete a puzzle in haste while panicked, trying to escape the smoke and flames.

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous


Jeez, i've seen some silly ideas in my time, but this is hilariously stupid! Oh, please wait a sec or two mr. intruder while i just disassemble my club & shield. Oh, & please,while you are figuring out the lock puzzle, would you be so kind as to willingly let me whack you senseless!