Sleep Well, You Will, Young Padawan In Your Official Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag!

 Smell like a dead tauntaun? I'd rather kiss a Wookie!Smell like a dead tauntaun? I'd rather kiss a Wookie!

Remember the scene from The Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo splits open the dead tauntaun only to stuff Luke Skywalker inside so he won't freeze during the cold Hoth night? I often wondered how Han was also able to survive that frigid night--but now I know!

 He must have had the Tauntaun sleeping bag!

 Tauntaun Sleeping BagTauntaun Sleeping Bag

Poor tauntaun!Poor tauntaun!

 Lightsaber Zipper PullLightsaber Zipper Pull










Looking exactly like a flattened tauntaun, the head of the sleeping bag (and beast) is cushioned for use as a pillow while the arm, leg and tail are padded to give the cozy feel of cocooning inside of a real tauntaun carcass. For maximum realism (at least in a galaxy far, far away), the makers of this revolutionary bedding option, ThinkGeek Labs, claim to have replicated the exact look and feel of real tauntaun fur--so you can be relieved to know that no tauntauns were harmed in the making of this sleeping bag. A plush lightsaber pull splits the beast open to reveal the gray, gooey intestines which, thankfully, are just a printed pattern. I've also read that this smells better than an actual dead tauntaun. A few weeks in my son's room, though, should change this.

And the sleeping bag is a fully Licensed Lucasfilm Collection product, so you can rest assured (in your Tauntaun sleeping bag, of course) that the Empire is getting its due. (See Sleeping Bag)

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