Sleep Your Way To Beauty With Neocell's Super Collagen+C

Many of us spend a lot of time and hard earned cash trying out the latest anti-aging and beauty products.  There are countless face creams, serums, hair care products and beauty treatments all claiming to give the healthy, youthful look we so desire.  The majority focus on the external, covering up the damage that already exists on the skin or hair.  One product that is gaining some recognition lately though, works from the inside out.

Neocell’s Super Collagen+C is taken in either a tablet or powder form and is said to have a wide range of health and beauty benefits.  Among its claims are hair thickening and reduced hair loss, increased elasticity, circulation and healing of the skin and a better overall complexion, stronger nails and nail beds, stronger bones, and enhanced fat burning due to an increase in lean muscle.  They also say that many users will notice a difference after just two weeks of use.

Neocell says that because about 30 percent of our bodies’ protein is collagen and this supplement genetically corresponds to our amino acid structure the product will be completely absorbed into the bloodstream, where transformation can begin to happen.  They also claim that there are no known side effects, even if the daily dosage is doubled.

People using Neocell claim that it has a dramatic effect on lessening joint pain and improving the condition of skin and hair.  Neocell Super Collagen+C gets rave reviews from users on almost all the review sites I looked at.  There are very few mentions of any problems or side effects using the product although a handful of folks mention having an allergic reaction or some dizziness when taking the product. Neocell Cuper Collagen+C is available at Amazon here and at other health stores.

Source: Neocell

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