Sleepbox Pop-Up Hotels: Modern Sleep Pods For The World Traveler

We've seen napping pods sent up in major urban centers before, but now, there's a new pop-up hotel designed to offer optimal convenience and comfort for travellers virtually wherever they are; even without a reservation!


The Sleepbox is kind of like those toilets that you pay to use. The Arch Group, the architects behind the concept, designed these pod hotels to go in airports, train stations, shopping centers and even just in the middle of the street. No word yet on how payment will be arranged for these sleep pods, perhaps they will be equipped with onboard credit card payment or keys will be held by a business near the same location.

Pop-Up HotelsPop-Up Hotels

The Sleepbox includes a bed, WIFI and TV, but is really only suitable for short-term stays with no toilet or other facilities onsite.

Via: Design Scene