'Sleeping Girl DVD' Gently Guides You Into Dreamland

If you think Hollywood's cornered the market on snore-fests, take a look at what Japan's doing. Why blow the budget on overpaid actors and headache-inducing CGI when all you need is a bed and a few sleepy, sultry slumber guides?

Comments on the “Sleeping Girl DVD” from the producers explain that it was shot in private homes using actual tired actresses to add a sense of realism. That's good, because there's nothing worse than actresses acting sleepy when you know they really aren't. Gawd, I hate that! The DVD also includes a “Sleep Introduction Video,” also known as “The English Patient”... OK, I'm kidding.

If the DVD's cover art is any indication, “sleep” will be the last thing on the minds of those who purchase the disc... which makes one wonder, what exactly is the market for this DVD, people with some sort of sleep phobia? And isn't sleep phobia a self-correcting type of neurosis? I mean, even the kids from Elm Street couldn't avoid drifting off to meet Freddy Krueger sooner or later.

But I digress. If you're someone who can't bear to sleep alone, and feel an overwhelming need to be relaxed and reassured before you turn out the light for the night, maybe you should book an appointment with a psychiatrist. Shrinks are expensive, though... and the “Sleeping Girl DVD” from NRpro only costs 1,980 yen or around $24.50 each at Amazon Japan. The choice is yours: come to Amazon... or come to Freddy. (via Akiba Kakaku)

Apr 17, 2012
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