Sleeping With a Smartphone: The iPhone 3-Piece Bedding Set

Imagine an iPhone as big as a bed and just as soft... well guess what, you're not dreaming, a Chinese manufacturer has done just that! OK, not really but the iPhone 3-Piece Bedding Set is about as close as it gets to drifting off to slumberland on a jumbo-sized touchscreen.

Not much is known about this distinctive smartphone sheet set – even the person who posted pictures of it at the Hao123 discussion forum (Hao123 is a subsidiary of China's huge Baidu web services company) didn't say where the sheets could be bought.

What can be stated, at least, is that the set consists of three pieces: a roughly twin-bed sized light futon or duvet, a pillow sham (cover), and a small cushion. Curiously and appealingly, each of the three pieces displays the form and features of an iPhone!

While the size seems too small for adult couples, it's perfect for teens, tweens and pre-teens. As for the set's composition, not to mention washing, cleaning and drying instructions, just assume they're the same or similar to an average sleep set sold at Wal-Mart... where do you think those come from, anyway?

In the meantime, dreamers eager to start sleeping with their smartphone are obviously imagining the joy of programming wake-up calls with the ringer set on “vibrate” mode. Nice. Just remember, real iPhones come with cameras too. (via M.I.C Gadget)

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