Sleeping With the Stars with Twilight Turtles

Imagine drifting off into dreamland with the constellations as your companion. Now this is possible for nurseries and the bedrooms of young children (and even adults), thanks to the Twilight Turtle, the newest creation by Cloud B.


So many children struggle with a bedtime routine, repeatedly popping out of bed again after only a short while. A lot of toddlers will find every excuse in the book to avoid saying goodnight. If you are exhausted from reading endless bedtime stories and retrieving countless glasses of water for your little one, the Twilight Turtle may be a fantastic solution for your family.

Twilight Turtle Brings Sleepy EyesTwilight Turtle Brings Sleepy Eyes


Coming in the form of an adorable plush turtle, this constellation nightlight will transform rooms into a gorgeous nighttime sky that will sooth the senses and lull your children to sleep. The turtle comes with interchangeable color options – blue, green and amber, and each have different levels of brightness to create impressive and realistic effects.


The Twilight Turtle isn’t just for nighttime use either. It is also an educational toy, as it includes 8 real constellation models within its star shaped shell. You can spend time with your child teaching them about these star systems, with a great visual at hand. It even comes with a star guide to help you out with the answers!

Drift Off Into DreamlandDrift Off Into Dreamland


The Twilight Turtle easily runs on batteries, and is the perfect addition to any bedroom where sleep sessions have been going anything but smoothly. They can be purchased through  at Amazon .


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