The Sleeply Alarm Clock Wakes You Up And Refuses To Fall Down

From the dynamic and fully-awake mind of Portuguese designer Pedro Gomez comes the Sleepy alarm clock, which stands tall despite groggy efforts to knock it down.

Based on the same principle that keeps those inflatable punching clowns standing despite repeated throttling, the Sleepy is designed to remain standing on your night table no matter how you push it around. A weighted, rounded base keeps the device upright and always returns it to the same, irritatingly graceful pose.

But why push it around, you ask?

Because the damn thing has an alarm.

Beep. Beep. Beep

Unlike the traditional model of “smack the button, delay the inevitable”, the Sleepy alarm plays a little game with exhausted everymen by making them work for their snoozing time. When the alarm starts going off, all that needs to be done to stop it is to get the clock wobbling around on its base.

Sleepy mechanics: the finger will demonstrate.Sleepy mechanics: the finger will demonstrate.

As soon as the clock stops moving, however, the beeping returns.

The more erratic motion that a flung hand or thrown slipper can impart to the Sleepy, the longer the room can remain blissfully silent.

Gomez imagines the clock with several face options including standard digital and “how do those two hands work again?” versions, and in multiple colors. The time will be set by depressing the stylish attenna that comes up and out of the clock, and then pushing the device side-to-side. Alarms will be set by depressing said antenna twice and then commencing with the side-to-side motion.

It's a neat concept, of that there's no doubt, but it would probably seem a great deal neater before going to bed than when being woken up by it. The idea of a slowing period of waking interspersed with randomly spaced snooze times seems very mellow, but just might result in a lamp getting hurled or night table getting turned over.

Who's beeping now, sucka? 

Soucre:  Coroflot