Sleepypod ClickIt Harness Is Rated The Safest Car Harness For Your Dog


Lots of car harnesses for dogs are advertised as 'tested,' or 'crash tested,' or 'safety tested.'  The ads use words that make you think the harnesses have been proven safe.  And maybe they have been tested by one agency or another.  But The Center for Pet Safety recently tested many of the harnesses that claim safety and it gave only one car harness for dogs a Top Performer rating: the Sleepypod ClickIt Utility Harness.  Here's why....


Sleepypod ClickIt Utility HarnessSleepypod ClickIt Utility Harness

The Sleepypod ClickIt Utility Harness has not one, but three points of attachment that absorb pressure during a frontal crash.  The ClickIt is the only dog harness that has this balance, which stabilizes the upper and lower parts of a dogs body when thrust forward.  Straps in the upper part of the Clickit padded vest hug a dog's upper torso, while those in the lower portion of the vest anchor a dog's lower torso reduce forward and lateral movement. As you can see in this crash test, the system holds the test dummy on the seat throughout the crash.



The same results were achieved in three ClickIt crash tests; they achieved top ratings for small, medium, and large sizes, protecting large dogs that weighed a minimum of 75 pounds.   No other dog harness achieved this degree of protection in any size.

Getting the right fit for your dog is important (see below), and there is a good video here for those who would like further instructions.


Sleepypod ClickIt Utility Harness measuring instructionsSleepypod ClickIt Utility Harness measuring instructions


Actually, four sizes of the Sleepypod ClickIt Utility are available from in 'Extra Small', as well as  Small, Medium, and Large.  They will be available in orange, red, and black.

The 2013 Center For Pet Safety's Crashworthiness Study was sponsored by Subaru of America.  You can read the full report of the study here.


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