Slice Makes It Easy & Safe To Cut, Slash & Clip As You See Fit

Slice’s series of redesigned, modern and safe cutting tools demonstrates that inventors could discover that a muse may be as close as your junk drawer.


Winner of a Red Dot Award in 2013, Slice presented an extremely safe and visually interesting take on the classic unwieldy box cutter. How many times has a parent warned you to be careful with box cutters whenever you had to use one for a school project? Personally, I lost count after the 300th time or so, but this curvy and cautious contraption is a must-buy for anyone who uses a box cutter on a regular basis.
For starters, the cutter’s curved and “grippy” rubber handle wraps around your hand to protect from accidental drops or slips and the green colored auto-retractable version instantly tucks the ceramic blade back into the device as soon as the trigger is released. I am especially impressed with Slice’s choice to implement a ceramic blade, as it is rust proof, does not conduct electricity and can last up to ten times longer than normal steel box cutter blades.


Slice has expanded past their iconic box cutters to develop a sizable lineup of office, kitchen, safety and beauty products. Each item in the Slice family rightfully boasts about how much safer and classier their revamped tools are than their retro cousins. Some of my favorite models include their super-safe precision cutter (I’m sure that any graphic designer who gets their hands on this will instantly love it!), stainless steel scissors, tweezers, pocket-sized cutters and much more.


If anything, the success of the slice family of cutting, slicing and slitting products should be a reminder that there is a multitude of common household items that are begging to be remade into safer, longer lasting and visually modern versions of their current forms. With some critical thinking and a desire to eliminate the little problems that arise from using humanity’s most common equipment, you might be the next inventor to transform your tool box into a treasure chest.

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