Slide The City: Business Offers Summer Teaser And World's Biggest Touring Slip 'N Slide

After the nasty North American we've been having, there's no doubt that we're all dreaming about summer adventures and the balmy weather than comes with them. So, it makes sense that a new business would choose this timing to let the world in on their concept, and how it will affect cities around the world.

There are many businesses popping up that are focused on fun, more than ever before. We spend way too much time at our desks, shuffling kids to their various activities, and stressing over our to do lists day after day. Routine activities can get boring, and that's why businesses like Slide the City are focusing on bringing a new kind of fun around the world.

Slide the City travels with a 1,000-foot slip 'n slide that's also full of gimmicky decor, so it's unlike any other enormous slide you've ever been on before. When they come to your city, there are a few different ticket options that can be purchased. There are single ride tickets that get you one slide between 12pm and 5pm. With this ticket, you need to bring your own tube or flotation device. The next level ticket option is the Triple Slider, which offers what it says, plus a tube rental. The VIP is for the real slide enthusiasts who want to take advantage of sliding before it officially opens to the public, as well as after it closes. Plus, unlimited access to slide throughout the day, and a number of branded goodies.

Ticket prices range between $10 to $60 per person, depending on the type of ticket selected, and the date of purchase. Slide the City offers discounts for early bird purchases, a standard price when bought online, a late purchase cost, and a cost for purchases on the day of the event.

For those concerned that this business doesn't have an environmental focus, rest assured that they have designed their slide so that there is no water loss throughout the day. Once they disassemble the whole thing, Slide the City tries to work with local business, like golf courses, to ensure that the water is recycled.

In addition to simply offering an activity that is fun for all ages, the events organized by Slide the City create a sense of community. Will you get involved if they come your way?