Slim Your Thighs With Momolady, Japan's Womb-Shaped Adductor Muscle Exerciser

Momolady is a spring-loaded thigh exerciser that, coincidentally or not, resembles a cute & cuddly version of the female reproductive system (a portion of it, at least)... all that's missing is a smiley face.

The affordable device promises to slim, trim and tone the user's thighs by exercising the oft-neglected adductor muscles and burning off useless fat. What, you thought that elusive Thigh Gap was just going to magically appear on its own?

The “momo” in Momolady is Japanese for either “peach” or “thigh”, allowing the manufacturer to imbue the passive exerciser with a pleasant feminine aura while stressing the area of interest.

Momolady features squeezably soft polyurethane foam surrounding a central stainless steel spring. A covering of polyester fabric tinted a warm strawberry red reinforces the impression you've slapped an internal organ betwixt your gams, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Momolady measures 485 x 200 x 235mm (19 x 7.9 x 9.3") and comes with a Japanese-language instruction book, which really isn't a problem since (A) Momolady  comes fully assembled, and (B) using it is a total no-brainer: slap it on your legs while sitting and squeeze away to your hearts (and thighs) content!

You can order Momolady online from Japan Trend Shop; it's priced at $131 each plus $22 for worldwide express shipping. Last but not least, owners are free to add a smiley face so they'll have a womb with a view.