Slim, Sleek, & Focussed: Todd Bracher's Biomimetic STICK Lamps

How often is a lamp inspired by an insect and a deep sea fish?  Would you expect such a lamp to exude the elegance of the Stick lamps?  Designer Todd Bracher makes biomimetic design look like a walking stick in the park.

For the Stick lamps are elegant... exquisitely simple.  Perfectly practical for desk or table space.  They take up little space, focus light where you need it, and cry out style.  Bracher uses the latest LED technology, which uses less power and offers more expansive designs.


STICK lamps, biomimetic design: © Todd BracherSTICK lamps, biomimetic design: © Todd Bracher


STICK lamps, biomimetic designs: © Todd BracherSTICK lamps, biomimetic designs: © Todd Bracher


The insect inspiration was the rather elegant walking stick insect that, looking like a stick, makes it easily camouflaged in the wild. (Notice that the Stick lamps are fairly camouflaged as well; not only are they thin, but the stainless steel reflects the colors around it, making it blend into its surroundings.)


Walking stick insect: image via funkman.orgWalking stick insect: image via


The deep sea anglerfish is anything but elegant, but you can see where Bracher got his inspiration... That weird beam on its head is called a photophore, a strange bioluminescent emission of light useful, in the case of the anglerfish, for dazzling prey or confusing predators.


 Deep sea anglerfish with photophore: image via hilaryfarlow.wordpress.comDeep sea anglerfish with photophore: image via


You probably want to know where you can purchase the Stick lamps... right away.  I wish I knew.


Todd Bracher Studio via 3rings