Slip Your iPhone 4 or 4S into a SwitchEasy 'Melt' 3D Case

SwitchEasy's colorful “Melt” 3D cases for the iPhone 4 or 4S keep your smartphone safe from life's hard knocks while managing to look hot and cool at the same time. The “hot” part comes from the slick, shiny top of the two-part case which is molded in smooth polycarbonate plastic for easy ingress and egress from the owner's pocket.

What's cool about these “Melt” iPhone cases is that unlike typical smartphone cases, these come in two pieces: lift off the shiny, melty top piece and the smaller, matte-finished lower third remains on your phone.

Now you're ready to talk, text, browse or all of the above. Done communicating? Slide the slick melty-look top back on and you're good to go. Sticky, sweaty hands stay off your precious purchase providing an extra portion of protection from your iPhone's greatest enemy: you!

The six featured color combinations include Berry (pink over teal), Caramel (gold over teal), Lime (lime green over pink), Sesame (black over gray), Snow (white over pink), and Vanilla (white over gray). As is standard practice with smartphone cases and covers, the screen side of your phone and all important inlets and outlets remain fully exposed for easy access.


Each case includes useful accessories like a pair of screen protecting films, two earphone jack protectors, two dock connector protectors, a microfiber screen cleaning cloth, a squeegee, a universal dock adapter (white and black), and a video dock stand. Cue 80's New Wave-ers Modern English for the outro: “I'll stop the world and Melt with you...” 

Editor's Update: The Melt 3d Case is now available in the U.S. You can find it on Amazon here and at other retailers. 

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