Rest Your Child's Sleepy Head On A SlumberSling

“Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?” So says the kid from Jerry Maguire. Let’s not quibble over the actual weight of a human head, but let’s agree that it feels pretty heavy when we’re tired. And if you or your kid—most definitely your kid—have fallen asleep in the car, the human head looks like it may be too heavy to ever lift again. As your child’s head seems to be reaching for the floor of the mini-van, it looks painful too. The SlumberSling solves the problem of heavy heads and painful sleeping positions by keeping your toddler’s head upright when they fall asleep in the car.

Created by Ash & Alys Babes, SlumberSling is a headrest that attaches to any convertible car seat or high-backed booster seat using an elastic strap and velcro loops. The outer material is 100% organic cotton and handmade in the United States. But I know you are wondering the same thing I was. Yes, it’s safe.

SlumberSling was put to the test by MGA Research, a company that provides safety tests to major car seat manufacturers. After professional crash tests, the SlumberSling met all requirements for car seat safety and it did not cause any requirement failures to the seat or dummy.

My family doesn’t take car trips long enough to warrant a SlumberSling yet. And it might be a product that is more for the satisfaction and comfort of a parent, kind of the way we want our kids to put on more layers of clothing when we are cold. My three-year old has never complained of a sore neck after a short snooze in the car, but my neck hurts watching her head bob around while she sneaks in a power nap. When I am brave enough to pack up my three young kids for a long road trip, the SlumberSling might be worth having.

I love another feature of the SlumberSling more than the product itself. Ashley and Alyssa, sisters who founded Ash & Alys Babes, believe in creating eco-friendly and natural products for our kids. They also believe in giving back. Ashley and Alyssa set up the Ash & Alys Fund as a way to donate to charities and organizations that provide help to children’s health and welfare as well as to environmental sustainability. Fifteen percent of profits from the SlumberSling go into the fund.

Ash & Alys Babes also sells clothing, stuff for meal time and bath time, and gear for moms. For every bodysuit they sell, $2 goes into the Ash & Alys Fund through their Twosie program.

The SlumberSling comes in many colors and patterns to keep your toddler’s heavy head sleeping securely and soundly. But rest your head on the fact that buying one may help fund a child in need or a project that makes our planet cleaner. We’ll all sleep better because of that.