Small Businesses Hope To Overcome Recessionary Times On Valentine’s Day

Recession or no recession, a recent study shows that Valentine's Day is a crucial holiday for the success of small businesses. Learn more about strategies used by businesses to boost their Valentine's Day sales and other related statistics by reading on.

The third annual study on Valentine's Day's impact upon businesses completed by Constant Contact , demonstrates that even with the state of the economy as Valentine's Day looms, businesses believe that the upcoming holiday will be important to their overall success since sales are expected to increase. 46% of US small businesses expect their holiday sales to be strong; however, they're still embracing aggressive marketing trends to help ensure consumers use their businesses to make their holiday purchases.

According to Constant Contact's survey, email marketing is the number one method small businesses are using to make their names known this Valentine's Day at 42%. 20% of businesses are also using online marketing, relying on website banners and paid search ads. Fewer companies still believe in the effectiveness of more archaic marketing methods, which may not have the same impact upon driving sales as modern marketing.

















While statistics show that Valentine's Day brings success to small businesses, most of these companies do not specialize in providing the season's product and services; they simply incorporate special offers that allow them to capitalize on the holiday. From an innovative business perspective, the best you get are pizza places offering heart shaped pizzas, coffee shops providing special Valentine's Day drinks, meals for couples and let's not forget the cards, candy, jewelry and plush toys.

Season themed businesses are of course a risk, since their appeal doesn't exist year-round, but it would still be nice to see Valentine's Day enter the ranks and join their counterparts that exist for Halloween, Christmas and more.

If you know of a unique Valentine's Day specialty business, we'd love to hear about it! But for now, embrace the season and whether or not you believe it so be a consumer holiday only, remember, by supporting local small businesses you're helping to strengthen the economy in a time of need.