Small Fire? Use This Throwable Fire Extinguisher To Snuff It Out

So it's a small fire that you can easily douse with a few buckets of water or easily extinguish with a few bursts using the fire extinguisher. Or you could also just throw this throwable fire extinguisher right at it to snuff it out quickly and easily from a safe distance.

This portable fire extinguisher kills small flames once the chemicals in the easy-break container are released. On the manufacturer's product page, the main component of this innovative product is potassium carbonate. This chemical compound is a known fire suppressant for class B fires when it is in its aqueous form. For your information, class B fires are those that are due to combustible or flammable liquids such as kerosene, grease, petroleum, and oil.

You can see these throwable fire extinguishers in action in this video:

These are available from Japan-based store Rakuten but they are still marked as "sold out" on the site as of this writing. Here's the link in case you're thinking of making a purchase somewhere along the line: Rakuten.