The Smallest Ionizing Air Purifier Made Just For Pets To Wear

If you've been dying to purify the air that surrounds your pet as he navigates your home, yard, and the world at large, then you can relax.  The invention - the Ionizing Air Purifier for Pets - to end all allergic reactions and bad smells that irritate you and your pet is now available for your pet to wear 24/7 on an accompanying harness.



The miniature (2 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 1") Ionizing Air Purifier For Pets claims to neutralize and destroy bacteria, smoke, viruses, dust, germs, toxic chemical fumes, mold and pet dander, and diminish pet odors.  It also claims to reduce airborne allergens that cause itchy skin and respiratory problems. 

The Ionizing Air Purifier for Pets substitutes all that unhealthy environmental air with cleaner air, filtered and uniquely scented by soothing or energizing scent cartridges (your choice), no doubt all powered by its 2 AAA batteries (not included).

What you get is a dog or cat that smells weird for a dog or cat.  And if you believe that any of the germy air around your pet will be destroyed by the Ionizing Air Purifier For Pets, I'll sell you another product story for $17.20 plus shipping.


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Jan 9, 2010
by Anonymous

I guess "bad smell" is in

I guess "bad smell" is in the nose of the beholder. My dog seems to enjoy licking her butt. Being the one who trims her, including that general area, I gotta tell you I don't think she cares about smells. If allergies are your sole argument then of course this is good, otherwise may I suggest reading your comment posted on the Neutical artical along with my own dated today (Jan 9th, 2010).

Jan 9, 2010
by Anonymous

Oh apologies. Was responding

Oh apologies. Was responding to first page but reading your entire story above you obviously find this device as silly as I. Regards