Smarindesign: Design Your Own Playrooms!

There's something as compelling about Stephanie Marin as about her designs. Marin is in the envious position of doing exactly what she wants with her life, the way she wants to do it, and being very successful doing it in her company, smarindesign.

Marin grew up in Marseilles and now lives in Nice; both cities are on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the famous French Riviera, where the sun, sea, and delectable local wines and foods abound, and so does fun! Those environments have influenced her passion for re-creating not only her natural environment but the spirit, the joie de vivre, of her environment in her designs.

Marin current has three basic design lines straight from the French Riviera -- Mobileshadows, Livingstones, and Livingislands. but she plays with them in so many ways that they can meet different functions. In fact, you could fill most of your home, inside and out, with Marin's designs, and create many playrooms!

1. Mobilshadows

Mobileshadows are made of linen veil, captured in galvanized steel that is flexible enough to satisfy your own needs to create. They come in 13 different shapes and sizes and can hang from anywhere.

If you want atmosphere, what better way than to live among clouds! Notice how cool they appear in different lighting.




2. Livingstones

Marin makes a living room landscape out of her cushion stones and oversized pebbles. Arrange and re-arrange the Livingstones, play with them -have pillow fights -- rest your head or your feet on them... Wait! Marin even makes a sofa Livingstone!

Stuffed with hypoallergenic polysilicone fiber, the stones and pebbles are covered in 100% virgin wool and are available in eight colors. Polar fleece cover is also available.

Brilliant photo!


Here, Stephanie Marin, lies on on the Livingstone sofa among the stones and pebbles. These designs are sure livable!


Light effects... Wow!


The Livingstones work well with other contemporary decor!



Marin has created an outdoor version of Livingstones with weatherproof materials.





Tables, trays, sculptures... Marin does not limit her creative use of any form. The Livingislands are made from horizontal layers of plywood boards. The natural wood grain on the outside of the Livingislands appear as unpredictably as variations in rocks. Stained and/or treated for outdoor use as well.




Love it all! If you do too, visit smarindesign and check out all of the patterns and sizes available.