Smart Car Cozy Coupe Puts Childlike Fun Back In Driving

OK, so you bought a Smart Car for its fuel economy, park-ability and all-round urban practicality but you still get mocked for driving a “kiddy car”... what to do? Just go with it by dressing up your Smart Fortwo as a (slightly) oversized Cozy Coupe!

Everyone knows Little Tikes' Cozy Coupe: since it exploded onto the market in 1979 well over ten million have been purchased. Without a doubt it's been America's best-selling car (using the term VERY loosely) since then, easily outselling the Ford Taurus and Honda Accord. Indeed, the Cozy Coupe is a true American success story, being made since the get-go in good old Hudson, Ohio, from recyclable Type 4 plastic.

Recently, however, a new challenger from across the sea (Hambach, France to be exact) is seeking to wrest the cute kiddy car crown from the Cozy Coupe. Truth be told, the three-door, two-seat, 3-cylinder engined Fortwo boasts a lot of advantages over the Little Tikes “Forone”... except when it comes to snazzy exterior color combinations in the red & yellow range.

That hasn't stopped a few Smart Car owners wistfully nostalgic for the tough, stylish,  foot-powered rides of their very early years to take matters into their own hands. The makeover (make-under?) may be simpler than it looks as well, as aftermarket kits are rumored to be available in order to ease the pain of vehicular regression.

So like we said, just go with the flow and stem the tide of snide remarks – nobody wants to state the obvious, amiright? Besides, your spouse may not be thrilled with the results but your kids will think you (and your Smart Coupe, er, Cozy Fortwo) are totally awesome! (via Imgur/Forza Motorsport, YouTube/SXT103, HeapsSick, and Smart Car of America Forums)