Smart Dives Into The Electric Bicycle Market With Its Smooth But Heavy e-bike

Smart e-bikeSmart e-bike

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular among urban commuters. They get you to work without the hassle of sweating out a ride, as you would on a traditional bike, or having to find parking, as you would in a car. Now, Smart, makers of the Smart fortwo cars, have dipped their toes into the electric bike market with their smooth but heavy e-bike.

The Smart e-bike hit the market to mixed reviews. It is a smooth electric bike--smooth riding, smooth in its gear changes and smooth looking. Many were attracted to the bike's looks--smooth curves, nice and shiny and futuristic-looking--and its design--more specifically, its carbon toothed belt, which allows for a smooth gear exchange and easy cleaning. 

However, the Smart e-bike is also heavy, and that heft may literally outweigh its advantages. At 57 pounds, this thing is no piece of cake to pedal (more like a whole 3-tiered wedding cake), and you may have to pedal it sometimes. If, god forbid, your battery dies or when the bike's 15mph speed cap kills the engine, you will be pedaling this monster. 

Smart Car And Smart e-bikeSmart Car And Smart e-bike

Once you've reached your destination, you're also going to have to either carry the beast with you or chain it up somewhere safe. You wouldn't want a thief making off with $3,400 worth of electric bike. Yeah, $3,400. The Smart e-bike is pretty heavy on your pockets as well. 

What you have to consider is whether or not to pay that much for something that is eye-catching and very well built, but not the most convenient electric bike--products that are specifically made to make life more convenient. Overall, Smart have engineered a smooth looking, smooth riding bike, but the weight makes it less practical for most urban commuters, and the price puts it out of range for even more. For more information, check out Smart's site