The Smart Dog House You Really Won't Believe! The T-PAI Automatic Intelligent Dog House


The major question I have about the T-Pai Intelligent Dog House is "What dog owner will believe the T-Pai does what it says it will?"  Because the manufacturer, a Hong Kong company called Tesla Technology Limited, is claiming that when the T-Pai is ready for shipment it will do everything that you do now, from feeding your dog to toilet trainging on a dog toilet and cleaning up after him. And that's just the beginning! 


T-Pai Dog House: image via t-pai.comT-Pai Dog House: image via


Yes, the climate controlled T-Pai, which will be available in two sizes, small and very small, promises to automatically feed, toilet train, clean-up after, educate and play games with your pup. It will communicate with her when you are delayed or just can't be bothered by your dog.  T-Pai claims to address most, if not all, of the difficulties of owning a dog....

Difficulties like Whitecollar Sally's, who says, "I hate to clean dog shits at home every day! I hate it even more when it happens outside!"  Then there are the frequent travelers who don't want to take their dogs to the kennel or lock their dogs up in a crate.  And those who come home late like Salesman Hunter, who says his dog "will bite my sofa and shoes, and even ruined my home if I come home late!  To avoide this, I have to go home as soon as possible right after work" (These quotes are, perhaps indelicately, translated from Chinese.)

Well, here, no doubt is the solution to all the "problems" pet owners have...



Is the T-Pai for real?  I suspect that Hong Kong Tesla is sincere about manufacturing this smart dog house and believes it will solve 'problems' for you and your dog.  If the company can pull it off, I congratulate it.  The principals may be very smart about technology, but not very smart about dogs.

Despite efforts to draw dogs into watching a screen for education or entertainment, not many dogs respond to this technology after the first few attempts to get their attention.  Once they realize that a screen does not smell, even when it's their owner's face and voice emanating from it, the screen fails to maintain their curiosity.  There too go communication attempts.

As for the climate control and smart feeding features of the T-Pai, they seem desirable.  I would have to see exactly how the smart sleep, toilet training, and flushing systems work for my Fido before believing.

Beyond knowing whether the T-Pai will be technologically sound, I wonder whether the people who might be in the market for something like it really wouldn't rather have some other type of pet. Like maybe a rock.

Concept-wise, the T-Pai is very clever though.

Sources: via ChipChick

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