Smart Rope Brings The Jump Rope Into The 21st Century

LED Embedded Jump RopeLED Embedded Jump Rope

The jump rope is one of the simplest pieces of exercise equipment--I mean, it's literally just a "rope." Jumping rope is one of the simplest, yet most effective calorie-burning exercises you can do, but it's often overlooked. Enter Smart Rope. By upgrading the classic jump rope, those at Tangram, hope to upgrade the jump rope's popularity. 

Jumping rope is not only a simple and effective exercise, it can be done just about anywhere. If you have a few square feet and a few minutes, you can burn some serious calories (30 minutes of jumping rope at a moderate pace will burn around 480 calories). Smart Rope takes this simple exercise and integrates technology that helps you to track your jump rope workouts and work to improve each time you train.

Smart RopeSmart Rope

Smart Rope integrates LED lights into the rope part of the jump rope and magnetic sensors into the handles. The sensors in the handles count full revolutions, and the LEDs light up as you jump rope, displaying your jump count right before your eyes--you can literally see the numbers light up in the air. The LEDs also light up when you turn on the rope and they provide information about battery life. 

Smart Rope Works With Your SmartphoneSmart Rope Works With Your Smartphone

Smart Rope also pairs with your smartphone. The Smart Gym app works with the Smart Rope to record the number of revolutions in your workout, the time you trained, how many calories you burned, and it gives you tips and advice. The app can also give you interval training workouts to do.

The design of the Smart Rope is also more advanced than that of traditional jump ropes. The rope inserts into the handle at a 45 degree angle, making the turning of the rope a more natural motion. 

Smart Rope isn't yet on the market, but when it comes out, it will be available in four sized. For more information on this jump rope upgrade, check out the Smart Rope Kickstarter page