Smart Touch: A New Concept For Blood Glucose Management

Smart TouchSmart Touch

Luc Fusaro, award winning engineer and designer, has developed a new approach to blood glucose management. His Smart Touch is a device that attaches to your smartphone and works with your smartphone's camera app to give you accurate blood glucose readings without the bulky equipment most diabetics have to deal with.

Smart Touch For DiabeticsSmart Touch For Diabetics

The circular Smart Touch disc attaches to the back of your smartphone near the camera. Diabetics generally have to take four tests a day, so the Smart Touch disc contains four replaceable test needles. The Smart Touch test needles are a combination of the typical needle and a test strip, so the user's blood goes directly onto the strip after the finger prick. 

Smart Touch ComponentsSmart Touch Components Manage Blood GlucoseManage Blood Glucose

After the user submits their sample to the device, they simply rotate the Smart Touch 45 degrees to place the sample in front of the phone's camera. The camera then scans the image of the test strip and the Smart Touch app processes any variation in color of the chemical glucose reagent. It then gives the user an accurate measure of blood glucose. After the test is done, simply rotate the disc another 45 degrees for a fresh test needle. Once all four needles in the cartridge are used, the cartridge can be replaced. 

Sounds simple enough. Sounds like it could make more convenient a process that is not always so. However, Fusaro's concept hasn't been developed any further just yet. He started work on this idea when he was attending the Royal College of Art, and since then the project has received a James Dyson foundation bursary to be developed further. For more information you can visit Fusaro's site