Smart 4 Two Earns Kudos in Crash Test

Once again, we are back visiting the Smart 4Two. Even though it is currently the smallest car available for sale in the United States, it has still managed to earn some of the highest crash test ratings available. I guess bigger isn't always better.

"All things being equal in safety, bigger and heavier is always better. But among the smallest cars, the engineers of the Smart did their homework and designed a high level of safety into a very small package," said Adrian Lund, president of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

The most challenging issue with testing the Smart was the lack of weight. No other cars currently for sale come close enough for a fair comparison. However, all things considered the 4Two did very well. In both the front and side impact tests, the Smart achieved the highest rating possible of "Good." In the rear impact test, it recieved the second highest rating of "Acceptable."

The institute hopes that these ratings will help comsumers who are unsure about buying something that is smaller and ligher than the traditional automobile.

From : The Ledger