Smart Beam Projector Screens Video Content For All To See

The ultra-lightweight Smart Beam projector from Taro Matsumura of Viva Japan is one part old-fashioned movie projector and one part Star Wars holographic display, designed for portability inside a stylish 4.5cm aluminum cube.

Smart Beam is a projector and stand combo that weighs a mere 129 grams or 4.57 ounces. Plug an HDMI cable (with or without a Lightning Digital AV adapter) into both the Smart Beam and any one of a smartphone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Touch or desktop PC and you're good to go – the only moving parts are the operator's fingers acting on the source device's keyboard or touchscreen!

Once you've directed the Smart Beam's display onto the desired projection surface, all the operator needs to do is adjust the focus via a small dial on the side of the cube.

The resulting VGA 640 × 480 display features a contrast ratio of 800:1 using the recommended projection distance of 0.3m to 3.0m (1ft to 10ft). The maximum width of the display is 36cm or 90 inches. Did you get that, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan? If not or you need additional specs, kindly refer to the VIVA Japan product page.

The Smart Beam's LED bulb is rated at 35 lumens and the integral battery has a 10,000 hour lifespan. When fully charged, the battery can power the projector for 2 continuous hours.

VIVA Japan plans to begin shipping Smart Beams in May 2013 on a first-ordered, first-shipped basis. Pricing is 34,650 yen (about $350) or $39,050 yen (about $395) if you want the Lightning Digital AV adapter included. (via Gigazine)