Korean Smart Cards Will Keep People Safe From the Smartest of Criminals

Innovative production is continually coming out of South Korea, and this has never been more obvious than the creation of the Super Smart Card.

Invented by e-Smart Technologies, which is based in Busan, Korea, the Super Smart Card is a payment and security card unlike any other. Also known as the Biometric Verification Security System, the Super Smart Card works as a matching system for identification. It allows government agencies and commercial businesses throughout Asia to securely and accurately verify the identities of everyone from ordinary citizens to high profile society leaders.

The Smart Cards are "multi-application e-currency biometric smartcards that can be used as e-government ID cards and as payment cards for mass transportation, as well as for banking transactions, point of sale transactions, Internet activity and other financial dealings."

e-Smart Super Smart Carde-Smart Super Smart Card

With Asia's overpopulation and high level of security fraud, having such a card is a vital solution to an everyday problem on this bustling continent. Mary Grace, the President and CEO of e-Smart was quoted at the unveiling of the technology. "The e-Smart-MYbi system will provide an unparalleled system of privacy, convenience, safety and security -- security that is critically important today with the rise in identity theft, financial fraud and terrorist attacks. The e-Smart system can be configured as a terrorist prevention system which could help prevent attacks as in London, Egypt, Spain and the US."

In the wake of September 11th, our world is still left reeling almost six years later. Having witnessed one of the world's most powerful nation's security come crashing down into the hands of terrorists, it is no wonder there is global solution seeking. The Super Smart Card may have the answer many are looking for.

e-Smart recently opened an Engineering plant in Seoul, which is now the central hub for the production of these cutting edge Super Smart Cards.

Tamara Warta
International Innovations Writer

Nov 1, 2007
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We're doing a debate on this in Sociology..like, whether or not its a good idea..