Smart Cup Tells You When It's Safe To Drink Your Joe

McDonald's has been sued for it.  Tongues have burned from it.  Private parts have disappeared from it.  And, of course, clothes have been spoiled because of it.  Hot coffee!  Oh, yeah, tea too.

The Hot/Cold mug is made from a heat sensitive pigment that causes it from black to white when it gets hot.  And as it is cooling, the white gradually fades, giving way to black again.


The 'Hot Stuff Mug'The 'Hot Stuff Mug'


So many of us coffee, cocoa, and tea drinkers (I don't know about McDonald's) will be happy to know there's a cup that will hold our hotties and tell us when they're ready to drink.  You can even experiment with your cup until you can grab it at just the right moment that's your perfect drinking temperature... because some like it hot, you know.

The smart Hot Stuff Cup is available from a smart little shop in Toronto called Up To You, The Shop Above.