“Smart” Garage Door Opener Uses a Fingerprint Reader to Open Door

A leading developer of finger activated consumer products called bioMETRX has created a garage door opener that works by swiping your finger through the fingerprint reader. The company hopes to target people who are tired of having to remember codes, or fumble around with keys, in order to get into their garages.
In the BoxIn the Box
The smartTOUCH GDO (garage door opener) as it’s called, is a “smart” universal garage door opener that the company says will work with virtually any brand of garage door opener. The smartTOUCH GDO is a wireless device that is powered by a single coin-cell battery (CR2032). bioMETRX says that this device is “weatherproof, shockproof, and tamper-proof”.
smartTouch garage door openersmartTouch garage door opener
The smartTOUCH GDO works the same way that other garage door openers do, except you open the garage door by placing your finger into the device’s fingerprint reader instead of punching in a code. The company says that there are also various temporary settings (such as if you’re going to be away on vacation and you need a neighbor to get into the garage) that will authorize someone to enter the garage during a certain time period.

bioMETRX says that sales for the device have been strong since its launch. The COO of bioMETRX, Lorraine Yarde, recently said “Consumers’ seem to really appreciate a device that works by recognizing them instead of having to remember a PIN number, or fumble for keys.” The smartTOUCH GDO is available exclusively at Home Depot and the company’s website for $129.95. (Update: The smartTOUCH GDO is now also available on Amazon here.)

Source: PRNewswire

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