Smart Jukebox Brings Touch To The Tunes

From San Francisco creative firm Frog Design comes the TouchTunes Virtuo, a new take on the old jukebox and one that is far more in line with how we want our music delivered.

The days of Fonzie smacking his hand into the diner jukebox to change the tune are long gone, but Frog Design went looking for a way that we could interact with out music technology at such a physical level, though without the need to continually buy new jukeboxes to replace those with punching damage.

The result is the TouchTunes Vitruo, a "smart" take on the original jukebox concept. Designed to be mounted on a wall, the slightly angled, wide screen of the TouchTunes is meant to inspire a social experience and the clever use of LED lighting is intended to draw users in from across a crowded bar or room. Once there, the interactive touch screen will allow users to search for songs by lyrics or by a contextual web connection that can remind them of that song they always loved but have somehow forgotten. Gone are the days of long lists and scrolling through pages of catalogues; the idea behind the TouchTunes is to make it as easy as possible to use.

Once a song has been selected, users will be directed to credit and bill payment slots to get their choice playing over the establishment's speakers. The TouchTunes is also designed to function as a mini photo booth to get quick pictures with friends as the night goes on.

Though the TouchTunes Virtuo isn't going to be in your favorite watering hole the next time you head down there, the company is making waves in the jukebox industry and is getting a great deal of positive attention for its new design.

Fonzie would approve.

Source: Frog Design