Smart Kids To Launch Social Network for 6-12 Year Olds

Soon kids ages 6-12 will have their own social network according to Smart Kids Group Inc., a global provider of children's digital education and entertainment. A site called, "Live At The Hive" will launch with specialized content within a safe community that can be supervised by parents.

Back in June, I reported on another social network that focuses on the same demographic. Glubble offers an online activity center where families with children under 12 can play, share, discover and learn. Young children can access thousands of games, watch cartoons, print coloring pages, download Play Art toys, learn their ABCs, arithmetic and foreign languages and surf web sites that have been pre-approved by their parents.

Andy RuppannerAndy RuppannerIn interviewing Andy Ruppanner, president/CEO of Smart Kids, he indicated that  "Live at the Hive" distinguishes itself from other social networks "as a component of a larger content laden community site for families, based off of the award-winning children's TV series Be Alert Bert®, which aired in Canada and 11 international countries." Smart Kids Group is presently repackaging those TV shows in DVD format for a North American licensing launch in mid 2010.

The primary growth of the new social network will come from viral marketing of the existing Be Alert Bert® TV series, their new 3D animated 65 episode TV Series ‘The Adventures of Bert and Clare'™ for syndication; that is entering production in January.

According to Ruppenner," the mission of the the TV series and the social network is designed to protect kids...our community will provide a safe, enriching environment for kids and confidence to parents that their children are operating in a secure environment."

Regarding the social network competition that "Live at the Hive" will compete with, Ruppenner feels that other networks don't necessarily focus on "safe environments for kids to operate in." He adds, "as you are aware, there are many security issues with current social networks that we plan to avoid by designing a site that restricts social networking activities to members of the site." The site itself is planned to contain contemporary security technology including monthly reporting to parents as to what parts of the site their kids visited and when. 

The Live at the Hive Web site ( ) will not go live until some time in the first quarter of 2010. Business monetization is based on annual membership fees and the sale of character based merchandise with the primary focus on safety gear, such as Bert/Clare bicycle helmets and high reflection Bert/Clare backpacks. Kids and parents can check the Smart Kids Web site for more news on the actual launch date by signing up for their newsletter here.
Dec 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Not so smart.

Each generation becomes more self-centered, apathetic, intelligence impaired, etc., etc. It's junk like this that dumbs down the masses. How much longer until only two classes exist?