Smart Sport GPS Devices From O-Synce

It seems that GPS will continue to leak its way into more and more devices and clothing in the future. We already have a variety of sport GPS equipment available including watches, handhelds and applications. There's also clothing out there with built-in GPS including gloves, jackets, shoes and goggles. Pretty soon, it seems that it will be possible to get GPS in every garment of clothing on our bodies.

o-synce data4visiono-synce data4vision

German company O-Synce recently added a visor and ergonomic glove to the mix. The DATA4Vision heads-up display integrates a sport GPS into a visor to give you visual access to your statistics whenever you need them. The visor displays such data as time of day, speed, distanceĀ and length of trip. Now, who's going to tell O-Sync that people haven't worn visors since around 2003?

A second product released by O-Sync is the NAVI2Move, a small GPS unit with a few multi-sport applications. The 45-gram unit can be fitted to O-Sync's SMART2control glove (not sure what's with the tedious CAPSlowercase# naming scheme). Improving upon the average GPS watch, the SMART2control glove allows for one-handed control of the GPS by placing three control buttons on the pointer finger where you can toggle with your thumb.

The NAVI2Move also works with bikes via a road or mountain bike mount. It provides such data as speed, altitude, distance and mapping via Google Maps software. You can create routes on Google Maps and then download them to the NAVI2Move for in-field navigation. The device was a finalist in the ISPO Brand New Awards.

You can find more information about O-Synce and its products .

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