Smart Talk In 30 Languages: A Must Have Carry On

If you can't find a personal translator for your world travel plans, the electronic Talking Language Translator's the next best thing - at least for every day tourist survival skills.  This little gadget can translate an English phrase into 30 European and Asian languages - spoken languages.

And the translations are spoken by native speakers so you can learn immediately how to pronounce the phrase, as you see it on the LED backlit screen.  Non-Latin based languages are written in their special characters so you can learn to recognize them in print. 


Talking 30 Language Translator (Lingo)Talking 30 Language Translator (Lingo)


And there are other features included in the Talking 30 Language Translator.  One's you'll need like currency and measurement conversions - even clothing sizes.  It also comes with a built in world clock, a calendar, address and phone book, and (my fave), a Suduko game.

Even if you're sitting at home looking at pictures of ski slopes in Italy, you could still learn enough to give you a footing in Italian.  Remember, it's good for your brain to learn a new language.  Maybe 30 times better if you learn a little bit in 30 languages?

Lingo Translators makes The 30 Language Translator exclusively for Hammacher Schlemmer. It comes with a lifetime guarentee.

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Dec 17, 2010
by Anonymous

How much???

Must for imbed into IPad, Laptops alone for Use overseas.
Must for US Govt personnel IE State, Defense overseas alone.
US business.
Mass produce this.