SmartBall Gives a Radar Speed Reading

Ever imagine yourself standing on the mound in Game 7 of the World Series? It's the bottom ninth and your team is up by one run. Thanks to that hanging curve ball you just heaved over the plate, there're runners on second and third with only one out. Do you have the power to blow that third strike right past the #5 batter in the line-up?

Surely, in your mind you reach back and blow a 97 MPH inside fastball right past that unwitting batter. He doesn't know what hit him and weakly flails at it toward the inevitable result: strike three. The next batter has a weak pop out and your team wins the World Series. You're a hero that will go down in the MLB annals.

Back to reality.  If you actually want to know how well you'd pitch that fastball, consider trying out one of these SmartBalls. The balls use a built-in radar to provide a speed readout without requiring the purchase of a separate radar gun. Simply measure the distance to your target, toss the ball and find out just how inadequate of an arm you have. The ball features the same size and weight as a regulation baseball so it provides an accurate simulation. It registers speeds up to 120 MPH, so just in case you can throw the fastest pitch ever thrown, but had no idea just how effective your arm was, you'll know now.

I, for one, have always been disappointed when my fastball registered more like an off-speed pitch. Now I don't have to go to the state fair to earn this devastating letdown.  You can buy your own personal letdown for under $17 at Amazon.


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