Smarten Up With BabySmarts

New moms will receive a lot of advice before baby arrives, but now they can make a game of it with the high-selling BabySmarts game.

Are you planning a baby shower for a mom-to-be, or are you expecting yourself and looking for a way to make the days of waiting go by quickly? Check out BabySmarts, which will make both mommy and baby smarter for their own good!

The Complete BabySmarts SetThe Complete BabySmarts Set

This colorful game is perfect for parties and comes from the extensive line of SmartsCo products. Filled with interesting and intriguing baby facts, the kit includes 60 question and answer cards, a baby tips guide, and a scorepad if you want to award prizes to the winner at a shower or gettogether.

Card categories include “Mom”, “Culture”, “Baby” and wild cards, providing a diverse range of knowledge that mom will cherish and use when her little one arrives. New dads can learn a lot from BabySmarts as well, and the kit has been known to help first-time parents feel less in the dark about their new arrival.

A Great Alternative to Lame Shower GamesA Great Alternative to Lame Shower Games

You can buy BabySmarts through SmartCo’s official website , and for a time, 3% of all proceeds will benefit a non-profit program committed to low-income first-time parents. You can also buy it at Amazon.

Get a great game and do a good deed at the same time today!

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