KeySmart Makes Carrying A Lot Of Keys Less Of A Burden

The big jingling key ring has long been the stereotype of school janitors and other workers who have a lot to unlock over the course of a day. They can be pretty damn heavy too. The weight and noise of so many keys "These are the chains I forged in life!" (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Machen (c) 2013)"These are the chains I forged in life!" (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Machen (c) 2013)always me think of Marley's line from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol: "These are the chains I forged in life." A new kind of key ring has been invented to alleviate the burden of all those keys.

The KeySmart® key ring just wrapped up its funding campaign on Kickstarter last week. Michael Patrick was seeking $6,000 to get his idea up and running. He received over $300K in pledges. It is safe to say that the KeySmart® is going to hitting the market hard.

The basic idea is to create a sort of Swiss army knife of keys that can flip out of the case. The "ring" can hold up to 100 keys while reducing the weight overall. The ring can hold just about any key available.

The design keeps all of those sharp keys tucked away so that they won't be poking people and tearing holes in your jeans. You also won't be making so much noise, so stealthy movement is much more possible. Even if you don't have a ton of keys, the overall design is compact and cool.

KeySmartKeySmartThere are four different styles of KeySmart® so that you can choose the one that is just right for you -- from industrial to one that comes with a 2 gigabyte flash drive so that you can easily carry your important data with you. To add keys all you do is unscrew the ends using a penny, add the keys, and screw the case back together. The case comes in a selection of seven different eye-catching colors.

If you need to hold more than 100 keys, you can get extension posts. If you need a stronger case, you can get it in titanium. The company has tried to make sure that whatever you need they have you covered.

 KeySmart -- adding keys.KeySmart -- adding keys.

The KeySmart® is made in the U.S.A. and is currently available for pre-order from They are hoping to have the key rings ready to ship by July 2013.

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