Smartphone Data Usage Trumps Tablets

Woman Using Mobile Device on A City Street: Woman Using Mobile Device on A City StreetWoman Using Mobile Device on A City Street: Woman Using Mobile Device on A City Street

When it comes to how much data we use on mobile devices for a long time it is has been tablets that have ruled the waves of data consumption, mostly because of the larger screens and more labor intensive apps that people tend to use of their tablets, but the tides may be turning in favor of a screen much closer to your pocket.

New research put out by Arieso, a mobile analytics firm, showed that people are starting to use more data on their smart phones then they are on their tablets. The biggest consumers of data on mobile phones is, not too shockingly, users of the iPhone 5 though they may not keep that spot for long. According to the report, " From the 125 devices studied, users of the latest iPhone again proved the most voracious data consumers. But for the first time in three years, this dominance is being challenged. Users of the iPhone 5 demand four times as much data as iPhone 3G users and 50% more than iPhone 4S users (the most demanding in the 2012 study). However, Samsung Galaxy S III users generate (upload rather than download – photos, videos etc.) nearly four times the amount of data than iPhone 3G users, beating iPhone 5 users into third place on uplink data usage behind the Samsung Galaxy Note II."

So how much data do you use, and on what devices? Feel free to leave us a comment on your own usage.

Image Source: MorgueFile