Smartshopping And Virtual Fitting Rooms: The Revolutionary Fitle

The online shopping experience is being revolutionized. In a world with constantly evolving technology, it makes sense that our online shopping should evolve as well. Fitle, a shopping platform, is ready to take internet retail to a whole new level.

nid%3D72602%7Ctitle%3DFitle%20On%20Line%20Shopping%20Made%20Easy%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3DnoneDressing rooms are really important when it comes to picking out clothes. Maybe that color isn't right, the arms are too small, or that dress is hugging curves you'd rather not have hugged. We've all waited in anticipation for our new shirt or pants to come in the mail, and we've all had our hearts broken when they didn't fit. How can something so convenient be so frustrating? Alex and James, the creators of Fitle, feel our pain. That's why the Fitle team designed an online shopping platform where you can virtually try on clothes. You won't need to stress over your shopping cart anymore because you'll know everything fits. 

The process is pretty easy. Using the Fitle app, take four pictures of yourself. When you upload them and add your height, Fitle will create a 3-D avatar that is 99% accurate to your body shape. Then you can shop any of Fitle's partners and try on renderings of those clothes. Now you'll know if those pants are too short without waiting for the mail. nid%3D72189%7Ctitle%3DThe%20Fitle%20Process%7Cdesc%3D%7Clink%3Dnone

 Fitle is great for matching outfits, too. In addition to the clothes already on Fitle, you can even snap a picture of the barcode of a shirt you bought in person, and if that piece has been digitized, it will go into your online wardrobe. You'll know if the shirt you just bought at the mall matches the skirt you love on Fitle. Plus, since all your clothes are stored in a cloud closet, you can see if those shorts you bought three months ago match the t-shirt you found today.

 If you've avoided online shopping because you don't want to waste time or money on clothes that don't fit, this online shopping platform is the way to go. Fitle is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to get the project off the ground, and hopefully they hit their goal. Online shoppers could use virtual dressing rooms. Fitle will save us from frustration, plus wasted trips to the post office. Enjoy smartshopping from now on with the ease of Fitle. It's a great excuse to buy that dress, too.

 Please think about contributing to Fitle's Kickstarter if you want this platform to become a reality.

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