Smash Wristband Helps You Improve Your Tennis Game

Smash WristbandSmash Wristband

Whether you're aspiring to be the next Serena Williams, or you just want to beat the neighbors in a friendly game of doubles at the local recreation center, Smash Wristband can help you to your goals. This little wristband uses sophisticated technology to help improve your tennis swing. 

Smash Analyzes Your Tennis GameSmash Analyzes Your Tennis Game

Smash AppSmash App

The Smash Wristband utilizes sensors to record, analyze and track the dynamics of your swing and tennis game. It is a simple, super lightweight and unobtrusive design that will give you instant feedback.

Track things like number and type of shots, racket head speed and momentum, wrist rotation and amount of spin, impact and technique consistency and stroke trajectory. From a simple forehand swing through a long volley, Smash will capture and analyze the details of your strokes.

Improve Your Swing With SmashImprove Your Swing With Smash

Through this tracking and data analysis, Smash will keep you working hard and allow you to make improvements to your swing where they are needed. With Smash's app, you can keep track of your sessions so that you can compete against yourself every time you step on the court. You can also share your data.

Smash is your personal coach too, giving you tips and recommendations on your swing, as well as an overview of your game. With this wristband, you'll begin to understand your tennis game better, and you'll know what aspects need improvement and how to do that. You can check out the Smash website for more information on this tennis game changer.