Smelliest Shoe: Geeky Gadget Sniffs Out To Detect WIFI Connections

Ever found yourself walking around wondering whether there's a WIFI connection and just how good it may be? Well stop wondering, and start sniffing with the Nike Shoe prototype that identifies WIFI signals as you go about your daily business. This wearable geeky gadget will inspire you to bust out your laptop and get online.

This wearable geeky gadget, the WIFI detecting sneaker is a concept by designer Stefan Dukaczewik which integrates a Nike Dunk shoe with a WIFI detection device built into the tongue which displays on a small LCD display that indicates the level of wireless signal available. The device, which is battery operated, only searches for a signal when it has been activated through pressure on the sole of the shoe.

This example of geeky fashion has been coined  A Step in the Right Direction; but from a geeky fashion perspective, is it really?

Via: Talk2MyShirt